Field Notes #2

by Shirish Dhore


I have just graduated from medical school after one year of work experience. Acting upon my passion to work in Public Health, I joined a post-graduate program in IIHMR Jaipur.

I was born and brought up in Maharashtra. My exposure to poverty and related issues was limited exclusively to southern Maharashtra. Since childhood, I have witnessed and experienced all forms of poverty. My journey with Khushi Baby has illuminated a different world and has guided me to many diverse experiences. The visualization and scenery of the rural villages of the Rajasthan region have opened a new, conflicted world before my eyes. While I was enjoying the visual treat of natural scenery, it was simultaneously disheartening to see rural realities juxtaposed against such natural beauty.

Working with Khushi Baby has been the most formative journey on both a professional and social level. Not only has this Internship offered me the platform to apply management & social research methods to community contexts but also has encouraged me to unleash my creative potential within the framework of Public Health at large.

We were assigned with the daily task of going to immunization camps, but this task was not nearly as much difficult as the journey in itself—reaching the campsites. I had to travel to each individual campsite sitting on the roof of public transport, walking approximately nine or more kilometers from the end of the road to the vaccination camps. We had to solve camp related issues—facing a new new challenges everyday. It was my responsibility to form connections and trusting relationships with our local partners.

My internship with Khushi Baby has helped me develop both personally and professionally. It has given me a chance to work and interact with people at every level. It was not just an internship for me. It was a lifetime of learning that will empower me in the future. I consider this internship a milestone in my career; it not only helped broaden my horizons, but also touched those areas of life which lie miles away.

I feel so lucky and privileged to be a part of the Khushi Baby Project.

4 thoughts on “Field Notes #2

  1. dear shirish …as a collegue in the M.B.A programme it is a privilage for me write for you…i admired the way you use tell the group to eat well..and always you were loyal to your group members and uphold the team spirit …nice that you enjoyed and had a great professional and interative learning in kushi baby…i think our country needs people like you to change the present scenario regarding awareness in the healthcare sector…lots of luck in future and best of luck dear!!


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