The Story of Bichri Magri

Rekha Garg is a government ANM (Auxillary Nurse Midwife) who serves the Bichri Magri Village in the Ruao Subcenter. She is responsible for holding four immunization camps each month. One of these immunization camps is close to the area of a private health worker’s practice. The private health worker, in violation with the government’s rules, provides many of the same services as the ANM (including antenatal checkups and vaccines), however she charges locals for the vaccines and medicines she administers.

This practice has frustrated Rekha for some time. The private health worker charges for the services that she gives for free. A popular perception in rural areas is that if one is charging money, they are giving better care.

When the Khushi Baby system was introduced, the interest generated in the pendant/tablet system attracted many of the beneficiaries from the private health worker to Rekha’s monthly immunization camps. In Bichri Magri, Khushi Baby adds value to ANMs like Rekha who are correctly performing services.



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