Consider the ASHA

ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activist) are village level health workers that serve as the liaison between community members (such as expectant mothers, etc.) and health service providers. Women are selected from their own communities to become ASHAs and are a trusted source for maternal and child health information. Among their duties include keeping the health record of the village, taking pregnant women to the hospital or immunization camps for check ups and deliveries and holding monthly maternal child health awareness days.

Another task of the ASHA is to go door to door to pregnant women and mothers’ homes to inform them of the immunization camp coming up or occurring on that day itself.

ASHA Pepu Kuwnar in the Ruao subcenter recounted to a Khushi Baby field monitor about how difficult it can be, physically and mentally, to reach those who live in remote areas. In some cases they live 2-3 kilometers away and she is unable to reach them on the phone.

Since the introduction of the KB system in her catchment area, mothers have told her that she does not need to come to their homes because they have already received KB’s automated voice call reminder informing them about the camp. These voice call reminders save Pepu time and energy, and she now only goes to homes that are near the camp. Till December 11, 2017, 65,882 calls have been received by families, with an average of 16 calls per family.


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